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Hey Jack (@jkallmeyer), very smart of you to acquire that saw from UC. I have seen a lot of technical equipment like intact microtome, microscopes, stone saws or whole lab facilities been thrown away just because the Professor who had purchased it from his fundings left the University and the new Professor had no use for it or simply disliked the color of the furniture or the brand of the equipment. That was always super frustrating to see how tax money was wasted. I also think that especially the machines build in the 60s or 70s are of much better quality, build to last forever. I was able to rescue and store some nice tools from being carelessly discarded. For example a very nice ultra microtome. Answering your question about polishing, we used COFERPOL UG and here is the data sheet from it’s website:

Polishing- and Abrasive compound on basis of surface optimized metal oxides
COFERPOL UG is the better substitute of Cerium Oxide.

Polishing- & Abrasive Characteristics
best surface quality
high abrasive power = fast polishing (50% faster than Cerium Oxide)
long life
high shape and and heat stability

Al2O3, Cr2O3 , Si2O : min. 98 %
Particle form: spherical
Predominant particle size: ~ 0,3 micron
Density: 5,2 g/ml

Product Characteristics
No dangerous cargo
Not regarded as hazardous waste, as defined by EU Directive 91/689/EEC

Advantage of raw materials and location
Manufactured synthetically in Germany by large-scale production

Alfredstr. 61
45130 Essen