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Bruce MacFadden

Hi Paul–Thanks for your Forum post. I am sorry that it has taken me a few days to respond.

I always like to learn about new discoveries of fossil horses. Yes, the tooth that you found is of Equus. It is an upper molar in moderate wear, meaning that it was from an advanced adult (not juvenile or senior citizen).

Fossil Equus teeth are not surprizing for North Carolina, but any new discovery adds to our knowledge base. If you have photos of it with a ruler (for scale) and upload it to our FOSSILS gallery, it will contribute new knowledge to science through this occurrence. Do you know if other fossil horses, or other Ice Age mammals have been found at the same locality?  This would be interesting as well.

I really appreciate your interest in this fossil and wanting to connect with us via this forum!  I’d be happy to correspond with you more about this.