Reply To: Microscope for fossils

Jack Kallmeyer

@rleder Hi Ronny.  I was going back through old forums and thought I’d update my previous answer about the Cincinnati Museum Center status.  The museum is open finally!   It’s been open for a month or so now.  However, they are only able to install exhibits in stages so only a few new exhibits are open (and none of the old ones).  They are revamping everything and only a few things will be as they were before the shut-down (the physical cave and ice age walk through are the same but will end up with new peripherals).  The only thing open in the natural history side is a brand new dinosaur exhibit with seven skeletons.  It’s pretty cool. The prep lab is open so visitors can see people working on fossils through a viewing window. They just opened the OMNI Max theater.  It has gone from film to digital with new screens, new audio and wider seats to fit our population 😉  The mosaics that fill the dome in the rotunda have all been cleaned one tile at a time.  This is amazing.

I hope your new museum is coming along as well.