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Walter Stein

Hey Lisa! Western SD isn’t much different than eastern MT. I didn’t know you went to Montana State.  I love it out there too. My field season is about to start. We have a few more things to clear up here, then we are off to SD in about 2 weeks. I am usually out there by now, but so much still to do here in FL. You will have to come out for a visit next time you head west.

In the 5th picture you can see the remains of a dry screen “sluice” if you will. This was originally constructed by the landowner twenty years ago when they discovered the deposit and began doing some digging. We used it for the first couple years as a stand for our dry screening boxes, but now we have moved further into the hill and use a different dry screen technique so do not use it much anymore. It basically marks the position of the quarry when we started 10 years ago. Yes… this is me logging and mapping the specimens. We have recovered well over 2ooo bones,microfossils and teeth from the small area. Much of them theropod teeth.. hence the name “Tooth Draw Quarry”.