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Jennifer Bauer

Hi, all –

@bheimbrock– yes, we understand everyone is strapped for time. To be frank, the newsletter took up a lot of time – mostly concerning emailing people requesting them to write for us (and then reminding and reminding). But the way we had been running the newsletter can certainly change depending on the motivations and time of people willing to organize it.

The last day for paid staff is Sept. 30. I am leaving at the end of August for my new position. I will still be an active myFOSSIL member but no longer paid staff. I can’t speak for the other staff members since they all are in different career stages and with different interests. There may be someone to take over my role as managing curator but we have not yet worked out those details.

I can certainly draft up something for the next Dry Dredgers Bulletin (and/or for other clubs) if that is something of interest.