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Eleanor Gardner

@taorminalepore, @gsantos – The GSA 2016 national meeting is coming up quick! Will we see you there?

A large portion of the FOSSIL team (@bmacfadden, @rleder, @vperez, @llundgren, @kcrippen) will be there! 🙂

Anybody else? @bdattilo, @rebecca-freeman? Any Dry Dredgers, @jkallmeyer? Any Dallas Paleo members, @rodney-wise? What about Colorado locals – @dserratos or @conni-oconnor?

And we’d definitely love to see some WIPS members take advantage of our offer to pay the registration fees for 10 fossil club members to attend our pre-meeting short course on Sept 23 as well as the rest of the meeting Sept 25-28! @spassmore, @mbrowne