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Jack Kallmeyer


Great intro music!  Very heroic.  I’m glad you did this as what you did is beyond my ability.

Overall it works really well.  I especially like the fast forward approach (I wish I could get my arms to move that fast!).

I have two suggestions if you can do it.

1) The sawing is jerky because of your cuts to shorten that time.  I think it looks odd and doesn’t give a flavor for how fast (slow) it actually is.  The real time actual sawing process  isn’t very long.  Could you put it in without cuts?

2) Since the video was edited for time, could you put a note at the bottom at the end to tell people the total elapsed time? Or maybe do that at the end of each segment giving a saw time, a grind time, and a polish time?

BTW, I saw what you did there with that saw mark slide.  You and I know that was illustrative not factual. 😉 . If you want, I could probably give you an actual saw mark photo.