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Matthew Gramling

Greetings <span class=”atwho-inserted” contenteditable=”false” data-atwho-at-query=”@corinne”>@corinne-daycross</span>,

Thank you for the notification. I had not seen this list until you tagged me. I would not necessarily consider myself an expert, but I do have considerable field experience with Late Cretaceous and Paleogene strata and fauna in the Plains States.  Within the last couples years I have become relatively familiar with the Paleozoic strata of NW GA, especially the Red Mountain Formation of the Armuchee Ridges. What I usually cannot ID myself, I rely on a network of certainly more “senior’ members on this app such as Jen Bauer, Bill Heim,  Sean Moran, Mackenzie Smith, Nathan Newell, Sam Ocon, and frankly yourself. I also reach out to experts beyond this app in the GA and wider paleontology community, etc. I certainly trust this network of  expertise more than my own abilities. So, I feel I am in the same position as yourself with people who have demonstrated a proven competency in an area of interest.  At minimum, I would be glad to act as an experienced “consultant’ regarding Late Cretaceous fossils from SD, NE, MT, and WY. If you would like to make a tab for GA fossils and add Cameron Muskelly, Ryan Roney, and myself that would be acceptable as well.


Matthew Gramling