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    Ben Crippen

    This picture is of a piece of rock that we found in Clays Ferry, KY near the Kentucky River. We think these are fossil shells in the rock, but we don’t know what kind. Can anyone help?

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    Eleanor Gardner

    Those look like graptolites to me. @jkallmeyer : This is sort of near your neck of the woods – what do you think?

    Jack Kallmeyer

    Ben, Eleanor,


    These are indeed Graptolites.  Climacogaptus is the most commonly found Graptolite in this area.  Ben, you might consider joining the Dry Dredgers if you are collecting in this area.  We have a member who is an expert on Graptolites and can help identify your specimens.  I have a photo of one of these in the Fossil Photo section of this website.  This specimen was found loose in the mud so is three dimensional.

    Bruce MacFadden

    @bencrippen @kcrippen @jkallmeyer @egardner

    Ben–This is a great photo, with a scale and everything, and thanks to Jack for his ID as a graptolite. You might think about uploading this photo to the “Fossils” gallery.

    Jack Kallmeyer

    Just to update my earlier identification, the genus is Geniculograptus now.  I have a photo of a 3D one on the Fossil images pages here.


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