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    Jennifer Bauer

    We have a team of volunteer curators for Summer 2019-2021, an appointment term of two years with a requested amount of hours examining uploaded fossils of 4 hours/month.

    • Gloria Carr ( @gloria-carr) has expertise in vertebrate fossils in the Pacific Northwest
    • Bill Heim (@bill-heim) has expertise in sharks and ray faunas
    • Christa (@christa-speights) and Matthew Speights (@matthew-speights) have expertise in the shellies of the early Paleozoic, specifically the Ordovician

    You can see them here:

    This can be a place to discuss with them, propose ideas for the future, or nominate yourself as a future volunteer. Even if you are not a curator recognized on this list we encourage you to communicate through the comment feature on fossils to help share your knowledge and expertise with others in the community!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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