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    Tynessa Morgan

    I have to keep my head down just a little while longer so that I can finish lesson plans for Science Day 2016 at the Dallas Zoo. Where can I find accurate line drawings of dinosaurs (hopefully) in the public domain? I know that Florida has a fantastic public domain database that covers just about everything else, but it isn’t meeting my needs right now.

    Eleanor Gardner

    Great question, Tynessa (@tmorgan)! Perhaps one of these folks could give you a tip? @taorminalepore, @mary-spilman, @alycia-stigall, @muhen, @smoran

    Good luck!


    PhyloPic has silhouettes of tons of dinosaurs, all free to use. It’s not line art as in coloring-in art, but it’s very accurate! Done by my pal Mike Keesey.



    Tynessa Morgan

    Thanks! I did a memory type of game for prek, estimation of length for K- 2, a local marine food chain for 3- 5, and 6- 8 got Linnean taxonomy. I feel as though I blistered some brain cells writing.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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