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    Bruce MacFadden

    One of our volunteers showed us these Devonian fossils from Pennsylvania. He could ID the brachiopods, but was wondering what are the internal molds from?

    Not being a Devonian person since I was an undergraduate in upstate NY more than 45 years ago, my knowledge of fossils from that region is rusty.

    I will pass your thoughts on to Peter. Thanks–Bruce

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    Asa Kaplan

    Bruce, the internal molds in the bottom slab appear to be brachiopod as well, probably Athyris or a related genus. Not sure of the species. Love seeing them all in apparent life position.

    For reference:

    Bruce MacFadden

    Thanks Asa for this feedback.  I will pass it on to Peter, who found the fossils.

    Jayson Kowinsky

    Hello, @asa-kaplan @bmacfadden

    This may be a bit late, but the type of preservation and color look a lot like fossils from the Mahantango Formation that pops up throughout central Pennsylvania… If he was wondering what formation they may have come from.

    Bruce MacFadden


    Thanks Jayson–this is helpful additional information.

    Hope all is well, Bruce

    Jack Kallmeyer

    @asa-kaplan @bmacfadden  @jayson-kowinsky   We have brachs that look like that here in Ohio.  The ones you show as molds are dead ringers for the Silurian Pentamerus sp pictured in Fossils of Ohio.  We do not have a Devonian one here that looks like that.  The Treatise shows Pentamerus is only Silurian although the Pentameridae do range into the Devonian. So perhaps yours are in that group. – Jack

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