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    Martin Fowler

    Hi, having just joined myFOSSIL I am keen to upload some of my collection of fossil insects that are currently ‘curated’ on iNaturalist. I have uploaded my first example but, being new to the site, I now realise that I didn’t add the common name of the taxon. Is there a way to edit my upload? Or do I have to use the ‘sledgehammer approach’ of deleting the specimen and uploading it again? Many thanks.

    Jennifer Bauer

    Hi, @martin-fowler

    Yes, there is an easy way to edit specimens. I would head to your profile icon in the upper right hand corner. This produces a dropdown that includes Specimens. Click on Specimens. This takes you to all of your uploaded specimens so you can edit them directly in there!

    Or go ahead and follow this link: https://www.myfossil.org/members/martin-fowler/dwc_specimen/

    Thanks for joining and I look forward to your contributions!


    Martin Fowler

    @jbauerHi Jennifer – fossil name updated! Many thanks!

    Peter Kozysr

    How do I upload multiple photos when posting to have a fossil image identified using the mobile app?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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