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    Jeanette Pirlo


    Dr. Bruce MacFadden is developing a trip out to our dig site near Williston, Fl for K-12 educators and are interested in getting your input on best dates to do the trip.  We are looking at March or April of this year and trip would span 4 days (Thursday-Sunday). Thursday and Sunday will be travel days to and from Gainesville, while Friday and Saturday will be spent out in the field digging for fossils!  We are looking to include new K-12 educators into our program, so please invite a friend or colleague at work to include their input on possible dates!

    I look forward to your opinions!


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    Alicia Foy

    This sounds like a wonderful opportunity!  Spring Break for PB is 3/17-3/26.  One of those Thursday-Sundays might work.  How many people will be able to go?


    Our spring break begins April 8th, but we would be able to come anytime.

    Jeannette: I have a friend named Wendy Baily who is very interested in attending.  What should I have her do to get involved?


    Jeanette Pirlo

    @mhendrickson thanks for the info! please have your friend email me her info (school, grade/subject taught, etc.) so that I can have her info available! [email protected] thanks!!


    Jeanette Pirlo

    @alicia-foy we are looking to bring about 12 educators to the dig.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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