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    Claudia Grant

    Guys, there is an entire ORCA in MorphoSource. I have downloaded all the files and started printing. The quality is amazing and the files are also saved by parts of the body, so it is a great tool for whale anatomy. Here’s the direct link to the files:


    Julie Niederkorn


    That sounds terrific!  How big will your complete Orca be?  Can you please post photos when you are done?  Thanks

    Claudia Grant

    Hi @julie-niederkorn, I am still working on my prints of the magnificent orca. I had a technical issue with my printer but now I am back on business. The picture below shows the bones scaled down to 14.4%, which is the size our printer (Makerbot Desktop) can handle. Eventually, I will print a life size model and for that I will use open source MeshMixer in order to slice each file and print by sections. Then I will just super glue them together.

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    Lisa Lundgren

    Really excited to see the progress of the Orca, @cgrant!

    I was checking out morphosource tonight, and found some fun vertebrate stuff, but I know there’s a lot of invert interest here too! A great resource is geofablab on Thingiverse: lots of corals, brachiopods, etc.

    , think any of these resources would be of interest to the teachers coming to the next Montbrook dig?

    Claudia Grant

    Thanks @llundgren

    I will keep you guys posted. Right now, I am producing 2 megalodon jaws for outreach in NM and an art class in CA. Both 3D printers are busy, but the Orca will come to life soon. I really want to create a life size model.

    Jeanette Pirlo

    Hey @llundgren, thanks for the great new resource! I’m sure we will get lots of interest from our teachers! We get questions regarding inverts often and this is a great website to pass along!  @cgrant we may be able to incorporate this into our lesson plan ideas!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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