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    Leeann Jaques

    This fossil was in a student kit I received from the Lee Creek Mine site in Aurora, NC.  I’m not sure what it is, and my colleagues and I all have differing opinions.  Those opinions include sea urchin spine, damsel fly, and plant stem/part.  I’ve compared it with a nickel in the second picture to show relative size.  A word of description – it is very thin and rectangular shaped.  Please help this amateur! 🙂

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    Eleanor Gardner

    Hi, @leeann-jaques!  Thanks for posting your question.  @vperez, @lcone, @lmccall, @don-muller, @julie-niederkorn — any ideas?

    Lee Cone

    OK, so this is a tough one.  I can say that it’s not a sea urchin spine, nor damsel fly, nor stick, but what is it?  The picture is not detailed enough in resolution to give you a definitive answer, but I have an idea.  Does it have horizontal lines (relative to the long axis) on one side and smooth on the other.  If the answer is yes, I would say it is a single section of a stingray mouthplate assembly.  Otherwise, I would have to see a better quality picture, and I would still probably not be able to help you. LOL

    Victor Perez

    I was thinking a fragment of a clam shell, but it’s difficult to say from this photo. It seems like a really small fragment and may not be identifiable.

    Julie Niederkorn

    I’m sorry, I wish I could help.  I agree with the others, the photo is just not detailed enough to identify the piece.

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