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    Walter Stein

    Hi all! I’m currently working on a census of all known dinosaur fossils collected from the Hell Creek and the Lance Formations of WY, MT, SD, and ND. I’m basically reviewing all known, online collections databases and speaking with curators/collections managers  in an effort to see exactly how much dinosaurian material has been collected and where it is at. I’m counting not only skeletons, but also isolated bones/teeth. Not only am I reviewing public collections, but I am also including certain private collections of dinosaur bones if the collection is relatively stable and meets certain criteria.

    So far, I have data from over 60 pubic institutions in the US and abroad (I have most of the major institutions like AMNH, DMNS, KU, etc.) as well as 30 private museums/individual collectors. I’m now looking for smaller institutions and colleges that might have field programs and material, but aren’t as well known. Also looking for private museums and collections that very few people have record of. If you have a large private collection of dinosaur bones/teeth (25 or more) from the Hell Creek or Lance Formations or if you work at an institution which has a collection and you would like to participate, I’d be happy to discuss the project further. You can reply to this post, or if you prefer email me at [email protected]  Census forms are attached. THANKS!!!!

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    Lisa Lundgren

    Hi @walter-stein! This is great. We’d like to highlight it on ouyr social media accounts. Is there a “due date” we can put in the post so people get you data asap?

    Walter Stein

    Hey Lisa! That would be wonderful. I’ve been working on this since the Spring, and should get all my data compiled by January 15th. I meant to post this on here earlier, but a million things always came up. Thanks!

    Jason Schein

    Hi Walter,

    You probably know this, but the NJ State Museum has a good amount of material from the Lance.  The Academy of Natural Sciences now has some material, but it’s a very small amount, so easy to account for.  Hope this helps,


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