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    Lance Comfort

    Found this fossil rib head and neck on north myrtle beach this morning. The closest I can come is castoroides and would appreciate any input. This is my first post to the forums and hope to have many more. Thank you for any assistance in this identification….Lance

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    Hey Lance @lance-comfort,

    we will check that and get back to you later. Sorry for the delay. We were busy with the GSA conference and the GSA short course. No excuse I know 😉





    Eleanor Gardner

    Hmm, interesting.  What resources did you use to come up with the possible ID of giant beaver, @lance-comfort?  Maybe @rnarducci, @dmitchell, or @smoran could help you out on this one?

    Lance Comfort

    Hey Eleanor.  I had a very difficult time locating any images of the giant beaver ribs, however at

    Casting the Earlham Castoroides, Part 2

    There are several images of the ribs, and although not close up, seem to be similar and I thought that my find was possibly about the correct size.  I have previously found a Castoroides molar at this particular beach.  A lot of it was a guess, and would greatly appreciate assistance.  Thanks…Lance

    Sean Moran

    Hi Lance @lance-comfort,

    Unfortunately I am not going to be able to be much of a help here. Mammalian ribs are notoriously difficult to identify down to any precise lower taxonomic level. For example, out of the 400,000+ fossil we have here at the FLMNH none have been positively identified as Castoroides (in fact, only two have been identified as beaver at all, and they are complete ribs). So, I guess what I am trying to say is it might be, but it might not be… sorry I can’t be more helpful!


    Lance Comfort

    Thank you Sean…Lance

    Eleanor Gardner

    Hey, @rboessenecker, @sboessenecker, and @aaron-wood!  Might any of you be able to help Lance out with identifying this rib fragment?

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