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    Joely Rogers

    Hi, I’m an artist in a scientific illustration training program and I’m considering using this fossil for a reconstruction project. I think my grandfather may have purchased it from a rock shop in the western United States (he’s passed, so I can’t confirm it). I’ve done some research online and feel that based on its appearance, it could possibly be Knightia, a commonly found fossil fish from the Green River formation. If someone could clarify this I’d really appreciate it. Also, in a bit of a fun twist, I found an obscure paper from 1982 that proposes a new genus/species, Gosiutichthys parvus, differentiating it from Knightia by certain anatomical features such as the number of dorsal/anal fin rays, number of vertebrate, body depth, and head length. I spent last night counting vertebrae, etc.. and the number appears similar to the new one. I don’t know how much that matters for a student assignment, but I thought it was interesting information. Thanks!

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