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    Joseph Koniecki

    This a Mississippian crinoid from the Lake Valley formation, Andrecito Mbr from the Cooks Peak District, New Mexico. This is all the information I have.  I have not been able to find an accessible literature on Lake Valley crinoids.  An ID (at least genus) will be very much appreciated.  If you can point me to any accessible literature on these crinoids it would also be appreciated.  I have quite a few camerate calyxes from that area that I would like to ID.



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    Timothy Carroll

    Joseph Koniecki

    Thanks Timothy.  That helps for all my camerate specimens.  Too bad the published version isn’t as easily available. It would be nice to know if they made any changes between the two.

    This doesn’t help with this specimen.  However, this points me in a certain direction.  Most of the crinoids in this dissertation are housed at the University of Michigan, which is down the street.  I will have to see if that collection will help me with this cladid.

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