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    Joseph Dumont

    Is there a way of determining if these Mesohippus bones are from the front or hind foot? The proximal ends of the longer bones are missing. Fossils collected in Sioux County, Nebraska and were found in the lower Brule formation. No additional Mesohippus bones were found from this spot. Not sure about the placement of the sesamoids bones. Thank you for help that you may provide – Joe.

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    Bruce MacFadden

    Hi Joe–The fossil horse limb that you found is very nice. It has the hoof and side splints. Unfortunately, it is difficult to tell for sure without the wrist or ankle bones–which are indeed very diagnostic as to front or back. The central metapodial (top center) does not look right–its end should be rounded with a central ridge. For the placement of the sesamoid boes, we would need to look at a vet anatomy text or a paper by Camp and Smith 1942 (Univ of California Publications Geological Sciences)–I do not know if these are digitally available on-line.


    Joseph Dumont

    Dr. MacFadden, Thank you for your help and providing the additional research information on the sesamoids bones – I will look on-line for more information like you pointed out -Joe.

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