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    Greg Mol



    I am reluctant to post this because of the flame I might get. I don’t know how else to interpret this “rock”. I can’t believe it left as much detail as to even have the pink spot at the end of the trunk.


    Where should I go from here?

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    Evan Walsh

    Looks like rock too me. I don’t think that would be trunk tissue, since fossilized tissue almost never fossilizes, esspecially in a coarse rock like that. The impressions look like they are probably from erosion or fracturing, and this rock looks either igneous or metamorphic. Some fossils including the hollow mold of the body of a pliocene rhinoceros which drowned in lava, have been found, but those are incredibly, incredibly rare.

    Greg Mol

    How to explain the pink dot at the end of the trunk that is next to the two air holes?

    Charlie Smith

    I have to agree with Evan, that this just a rock.  If it was found in some of the northeast or norhwest states in the US, or in Canada, It could be a rock known as Tillite.  Tillite is a sedimentary rock formed when a glacier scrapes accross a land area, and deposits previously erroded material from elsewhere.  The pink dot could be a drop stone, which is often found in Tillites.  This photo: https://www.mindat.org/forum.php?file,11,file=71891 of a dropstone found in Ontario, Canada looks very similar to the one you posted, but a bit larger.  Even though it may not be a fossil, it is still a pretty interesting rock sample.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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