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    Bruce MacFadden

    @lmccall @cferrara

    It looks like a peccary to me. Again, very interesting.
    The mammoth or mastodon is likewise of interest in a Pleistocene chemical signal.
    Any idea?
    Linda McCall
    President – North Carolina Fossil Club
    Research Fellow – University of Texas at Austin


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    Hi Don,

    Nice write-up! Thanks for adding the few things that I could remember.
    Richard, I’ll send you a CD of the Belgrade trip with lots of views of the
    small mammal tooth. I’ve included a few pictures of it. (More to come in the

    Julie Niedercorn found a mammal tooth at Belgrade on the 2/1/15 trip. It was
    really dirty, but it’s probably a tapir. The tooth, that the father of the
    15 year old kid found, was much smaller than that  tapir tooth. A chunk of
    mastodon or mammoth tusk was found on that trip, too. (I haven’t had a
    chance to try to find the small mammal tooth on Google yet as I’m trying to
    get other things done before my trip to Florida tomorrow, like get a CD made
    of the Aurora Picnic/National Fossil Day, too.) Hope these pictures aren’t
    too late for the Volume IV publication!


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    Chuck Ferrara

    I agree, that is a peccary tooth.

    Eleanor Gardner

    @lmccall, @lcone, @george-powell, @don-muller – Has anyone gone out to Belgrade recently?  Any interesting finds?

    George W. Powell Jr

    Hi Eleanor No I have not been to Belgrade in years, but I did get out on the last day of 2016 to fossil hunt on the Tar River a few miles NW of Tarboro, NC with a friend and we both found a lot of shells what a way to end the year by collecting fossils. The other day I added up my Volunteer time for 2016 and I did 130 hours of Volunteering for  or at the Aurora Fossil Museum and 41 hours more at my home fossil collection with the folks that come by to see my collection and also bring fossils by to get ID’s on them. I have 4 more days set up already for the next two weeks to Vol. for the Museum. George

    Eleanor Gardner

    That’s incredible, @george-powell!  Your dedication to the Aurora Fossil Museum, and the field of paleontology in general, is so impressive.  I’m so glad I got to interview you as a featured amateur paleontologist for the myFOSSIL newsletter!  Keep up the great work!!

    Julie Niederkorn

    Hi Eleanor,  I just saw your post.  I went to the Belgrade Quarry on January 20th for their quarterly fossil collecting day.  About 30 people showed up.  That is a large crowd!  I didn’t find anything too unusual but was happy with my finds, including a crock tooth, two cow shark teeth, two beautiful nurse shark teeth, a great white(missing root), some partial phalanges (dolphin?), petrified wood and a nice collection of the more common shark teeth, ray mouth plates, shark and dolphin vertebrae, turtle fragments, etc.  I have a couple of things that I still need to identify. Belgrade recently pushed a lot of dirt on top of some prime fossil collecting areas, so sad to see such a big area covered up by non-productive dirt.

    Eleanor Gardner

    @julie-niederkorn, nice!  Sounds like a very successful trip.  Too bad about Belgrade covering prime spots with overburden – I guess they ran out of space?  Any pictures from your trip?  And did anyone stumble upon any land mammal fossils?

    Bruce MacFadden

    I agree that any new land mammals would be very interesting! Please keep us posted. Thanks!

    , @julie-niederkorn

    Julie Niederkorn

    @egardner Here is a group shot of the fossils that I collected at Belgrade on January 20.  I didn’t take any closeup shots but can if anyone wants to see something specific.  Sorry, no new land mammals.

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    Bruce MacFadden

    Bummer, but glad you were able to find all that good stuff!

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