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    Lance Comfort

    I am new to “My Fossil” and want to make sure that I follow the proper protocol in posting to fossils. I have a number of fossils that I would like to post but, am sure in being an amateur, a lot of the information I have may be incorrect. Should I post these to fossils with what I believe is accurate with the thought that it will reviewed and that I will be advised of the correct information, or should I first post them to “What is it” and then post to fossils. Thank you for your assistance….Lance

    Eleanor Gardner

    Hi, @lance-comfort!  Thanks for joining the myFOSSIL community.  As project coordinator and ‘webmaster,’ I am very sorry for the lack of a response to your question(s).  Please accept my apology.  We are really happy that you are using the site — we’ve just been overwhelmed from travel to multiple events lately (and now we’re preparing for major Hurricane Matthew, ack!).

    Fossils can be posted either in the ‘What Is It’ forum or in the fossil gallery.  If you post it in the fossil gallery, just be sure to include a comment at the bottom asking for help with ID or other information.  If you’d rather not share locality info, you don’t have to — you can share just what you’re comfortable with.

    Have a great weekend!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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