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    David Powers

    Exploring a shallow cave in what is listed as Cambrian age sandstone I found numerous lumps projecting out of the caves ceiling. Many of these lumps are layered like onions. At first I thought they were stromatolites, because they are in Cambrian age rock or the rock matches descriptions of the Flathead Formation.  After a bit of work I was able to free one of these lumps.  The lump split open. Inside of it is a core of calcite surrounded by layers of orange or rusty yellow mesh, which is more like that of stromatoproidea.  The calcite has impregnated a number of layers of the mesh but about 2 cn of mesh is open or unfilled.  The part of the lump that was attached to the cave ceiling that part of the mesh is thinner then widens.


    If what I have is of interest to researchers let me know.


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