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    Delwin Glasner

    Found this in creek near Dino park at Glen Rose Texas. It has a surface like an urchin , It Cylindrical in shape, has an attachment spot on one end. it is 9 mm tall and 4 mm in diameter. Could this be a seed ?

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    Victor Perez

    That’s interesting. I was wondering if it could be an ostracod, but I can’t find any that really match what you’ve got. @laura-cotton @mackenzie-smith any ideas on this? I think it is from a lower cretaceous freshwater site in Texas.


    Delwin Glasner
    May have found a close I.D. but a different shape. <i>Porocystis globularis</i>(Giebel), an algal fruiting body from website
    Glen Rose Formation


    MacKenzie Smith

    Yes, I am aware of algal bodies that look like that. Just never from that site. Neat!

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