Unid'd Small Bivalve from Pinecrest Sand (Late Pliocene, Florida)

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    Wendell Ricketts

    Dear MyFOSSIL members:

    I’m hoping there are at least a few other people out there interested in the micromolluscs of the Florida Plio-Pleistocene and who might have come across the very small, attractive bivalve pictured here. These specimens come from bulk sampling in the Pinecrest Sand, Tamiami Fm., Late Pliocene, south-central Florida. Many thanks for any help. (The scale in all the images is in millimeters).




    Wendell Ricketts
    Fossil News: The Journal of Avocational Paleontology
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    Jack Kallmeyer


    I can’t help on your identifications but I do like your excellent photos.

    I collected fossils years ago inland near Venice Beach.  One specimen was a large whelk that was full of sand and small fossil shells.   I think that ultimately I gave all of them away except for larger specimens.


    Victor Perez

    Hi Wendell,

    I showed your pictures to Roger Portell (Invertebrate collections manager here at the Florida Museum of Natural History).
    He told me “Two taxa present. Most are Timoclea (Veneridae) and one valve of an ark (Arcidae).”, at least in the very last image you sent. I believe the ark shell is the one in the top left corner.

    You also seem to have at least three that were preyed upon by gastropods (snails). These would be the ones that have the very circular holes in them from the snails boring into the clam shell.

    Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to seeing anything else you’ve got.


    Wendell Ricketts

    Dear Victor @vperez: I haven’t figured out how to be notified when messages come in via myFossil, so I am literally seeing this a year later. My apologies. I much appreciate your showing the photos to Roger – and especially the ID. Many thanks to you both!


    Wendell Ricketts

    Dear Jack @jkallmeyer

    It took me a year to figure out that I had to do something to be notified of messages/replies on myFossil, so apologies for not responding sooner to your message. Thanks, by the way. I’m hoping to get back to my old Ordovician stomping grounds next summer, so I may see if you have any suggestions for me. Hope all is well!


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