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    Sherry Mathew

    I used myfossil to find similar organisms; however, I would like know what exactly they are

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    Eleanor Gardner

    Hi, @sherry-mathew – Can you share any locality information?  (location, geologic formation, etc)  Also, can you take some better-quality pictures?  It is difficult to make out the material in the second, third, and fourth images.

    Your first image is of bivalves (mollusks).  Perhaps @michael-reagin could help with the ID?

    Victor Perez

    @sherry-mathew are you in Kent Crippen’s class? This looks like material from the Aurora matrix. Here’s what you’ve got:

    1. Clam shells
    2. Rocks
    3. Rocks
    4. Clam (possibly oyster) shells

    You may be able to identify some of the clams. Try going to http://www.fossilguy.com and looking at the identification guides for Maryland and Virginia. The fossils from there are similar to the ones from Aurora.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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