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    Hunter Thurmond

    I found this washed up around shells of the yorktown formation zone 1 which is late miocene to early pliocene I think, anyone know what it is?

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    Jack Kallmeyer

    @hunter-thurmond  Poop!  It looks like a fecal string to me.  I found crap like that (pun intended) in my screenings at Venice Beach years ago.


    Hunter Thurmond

    Thats cool! Thanks for the id

    Evan Walsh

    Might be a negative mold of a worm burrow, but I think coprolite is equally likley

    Hunter Thurmond

    It also resembles internal molds of turritella sp. but they are more tightly coiled.  Were there any Miocene mollusks with super thick coiled shells or gaps in the coil?

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