FOSSILblitz 2020: July 27th-31st

We need your help to reach 1,000 research grade specimens on the eMuseum!

FOSSIL has become a contributor to the data aggregator GBIF! In celebration of this news, we have set a goal to reach 1,000 research grade specimens on the eMuseum by the end of the summer. We need your help to achieve this goal! Any uploads marked research grade count towards your upload total, but we encourage you to post your specimens within the FOSSILblitz group.


FOSSILblitz 2020 will begin at 9am on July 27th and run through 11:59 pm on July 31st EDT. eMuseum curators will be available virtually throughout the week to assist with any issues you may be encountering with the upload process such as specimen identification, research of geologic context, or general questions. These Zoom meetings will take place from 12pm-1pm ( and 8pm-9pm ( EDT every day during the FOSSILblitz.



Prizes will be awarded to the top two contributors for each of three categories: most research grade specimens, most localities represented by research grade specimens, and most taxa represented by research grade specimens. Three randomly selected contributors with at least 10 research grade uploads during FOSSILblitz will also be eligible for a prize! Prizes include winner’s choice of: geologic hammer, field notebook, photography light box, or phone camera stand! (Winners must be 18 years of age or older. Special considerations may be necessary for international winners. Uploads must be posted within the time frame of the event, July 27th 9am- July 31st 11:59pm EDT, to be considered, however edits to your specimen uploads may be required to achieve research grade and may be made until 11:59pm EDT on August 31st.)

Additionally, to show our appreciation for your effort and support, 25 randomly selected participants who contribute at least five research grade specimens will receive a myFOSSIL scalebar and phone wallet!


These resources will help to get you started on uploading your specimens and understanding what data must be included for a specimen to be considered research grade:

Research Grade Upload Checklist

myFOSSIL printable scale