Graduate Student Reflection of NAPC

by Victor Perez (@vperez)

I had the privilege to present at the 2019 NAPC conference on public-professional collaborations in paleontology research. My presentation was one among many funded by the FOSSIL Project and highlighted the role the public has played in my own personal research, while offering suggestions for how the myFOSSIL website could facilitate similar collaborations for others. I was thrilled to hear so many others sharing similar experiences of successful partnerships between the public and professionals. The conference provided a great platform for networking and meeting new like-minded people.


Presenting my talk at NAPC in Jack Kallmeyer’s session. Photo by Sadie Mills.

Presenting my talk at NAPC in Jack Kallmeyer’s session. Photo by Sadie Mills.


In fact, one of the conversations that began at NAPC is now leading to a new research project to describe a new species of fossil dogfish from California. Perhaps the greatest takeaway from the entire conference was the sense of community that has been built by the FOSSIL Project. As funding for the FOSSIL Project is ending, I found hope from conversations at NAPC that the community will come together to help sustain the mission of the FOSSIL Project and continue to expand this community to others that share a love for paleontology!

Collecting at Shark Tooth Hill in Bakersfield, CA with Lee Cone and Jayson Kowinsky prior to NAPC. Photo by Victor Perez.

Sadie Mills sharing accomplishments of the FOSSIL Project at NAPC. Photo by Victor Perez.

Lee Cone presenting to a captivated audience at NAPC. Photo by Victor Perez.

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