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Hello and welcome to myFOSSIL!

The FOSSIL Project was funded by National Science Foundation grant No. DRL-1322725 from 2013 – 2019. FOSSIL stands for Fostering Opportunities for Synergistic STEM Learning and was originally designed to create a space for avocational and professional paleontologists to communicate, collaborate, and share knowledge. The platform has reached other audiences such as K-12 educators through workshops, field experiences, and more. The myFOSSIL mobile app has reached an international audience and provides a more visual way to share your fossil finds or acquire help with specimen identification. The myFOSSIL eMuseum has transformed into a community science project where your high quality specimen data can now be shared with data aggregators and be accessible to anyone.

Now without paid staff, myFOSSIL.org is being maintained by dedicated volunteers. As such, many pages are no longer being regularly updated and there is no set coordinator to email with questions about the project. The website and mobile app will continue to be maintained by our partners at Atmosphere Apps, so please use the ‘SEND FEEDBACK’ button in the lower right of your browser window if you are experiencing difficulties. 

The myFOSSIL eMuseum, forums, and groups are still active and you can freely communicate with members of the community in these digital spaces. The activity is no longer being monitored by dedicated staff members. We have set up a FOSSIL Sustainability forum with different aspects of the project that require volunteer support to be maintained. Please head to the forum if you are interested in joining the discussion. If you know what position(s) you are interested in, please fill out the form located here.


Check out these pages below of our now archived work within the project, partners that have supported us, K-12 resources, and much more!