Lesson Plan: Florida Fossil Outreach

♦ SUMMARY: Florida Fossil Outreach – A lesson created by TriciaLynn Glotfelty (@tricialynn-glotfelty).

♦ AUDIENCE: K-12, Elementary School, Middle School, High School, Kindergarten, First (1st) Grade, Second (2nd) Grade, Third (3rd) Grade, Fourth (4th) Grade, Fifth (5th) Grade, Sixth (6th) Grade, Seventh (7th) Grade, Eighth (8th) Grade, Ninth (9th) Grade, Tenth (10th) Grade, Eleventh (11th) Grade, Twelfth (12th) Grade

♦ TOPICS/THEMES: Outreach, Paleontology, Fossils, Fossil Hunting, Fossil Club, Documentation, Fossilization, Field Techniques, Equipment, Identification, Anatomy, Physiology, Taphonomy, Field Work, Hands-On

♦ INSTRUCTIONS: Click on the link below to access the poster of the lesson. Please contact the author with any questions.


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