Lesson Plan Poster: Who Pooped in the Past?

♦ SUMMARY: Who Pooped in the Past? – A lesson created by Ginny Switt (@ginny-switt), Denise Porcello (@denise-porcello), Pam Plummer (@pam-plummer), Sue Coller (@scoller), and John Westgaard (@john-westgaard)

♦ AUDIENCE: 1-3, Elementary School, First (1st) Grade, Second (2nd) Grade, Third (3rd) Grade

♦ TOPICS/THEMES: Ichnology, Paleoichnology, Trace Fossils, Diet, Behavior, Coprolite, Trace Fossils, Biology, Paleontology, Geology

♦ INSTRUCTIONS: Click on the link below to access the poster of the lesson. Please contact the author with any questions.




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