Let’s do it – myFossil Mini Video Tutorial Series for Best Practices in Paleontology

by Ronny Leder
“I would like to image my fossil but there are still some parts covered in mud, how should I clean it?”
“I found a beautiful fossil leaf but don’t know how to make a good photo because it’s so dark that my camera won’t be able to resolve the details. What can I do?”

Questions like these revealed a need for a series of video tutorials to describe paleontology practices and encourage sound curation of fossils in all collections. Since this is our daily business and we have access to colleagues worldwide with different expertise, we would like to create and share resources with the myFOSSIL community to further their knowledge and, in turn, help increase ours.

Our video series can be found at http://community.myfossil.org/video-tutorials. Topics to date include “how to”: sign in on the myFOSSIL website, upload a fossil image to myFOSSIL, clean fossils, and image or digitize fossils. We want to foster the sharing of fantastic finds, encourage active participation in this community, and maybe raise new problems we can investigate together.

New videos are forthcoming with more specific content like the preparation of fragile fossils and fossil leaves and the preparation of fossils embedded in concrete matrix. However, we would like input from you–the community. What topics would you like us to cover in this series?

fossil-tutorial tutorial-4-spec