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    Collection site Renton WA Cedar River. I have heard this area is from Eocine era. Is this mudstone? Soft in most areas. Has veins of fine orange and brown gravelly material…found one small white bone and two small mollusks fossils. Breaks on in cubes or small plates. What’s is the black color and is this typical of this era and a good place to collect? #collection_site

    • @mackenzie-Smith is pretty familiar with the Pacific Northwest- any ideas of what’s going on here geologically?

    • Hi @adam-frey. I believe that is the Renton Formation. This part is shale. You may want to check with Washington’s Department of Natural Resources before collecting. WA changed their collecting laws about 5 years ago. The Northwest Paleontological Association would be the people to talk to. They are a group of avocational paleontologists who meet at the Burke Museum.

    • hi thanks for the replies…yep I plan to join that group and this spot is on private land so got permission but keep the advice and cautions coming