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    • @al-halt very cool find! @mackenzie-smith might be able to help with ID!

    • petrified wood, but of a different type of tree to most of the ones I’ve seen before. nice find

    • Beaver wood ?

    • I have about 200 piece assortment of wood

    • I have about 3 thousand dinosaur fossils mostly heads. It’s funny how each kind of dinosaurs have different texture and color.there where giant in those days too. It’s kind of funny how there was so many eggs and they seem to all be eating each other🧞‍♀️

    • And they all died at the exact same time . Well except for the ones that where getting ate. The rest where frozen instantly.. there mut be millions of them . It’s strange how they froze but yet there’s volcanic and meteors everywhere. And there’s no volcanoes within 1600 miles

    • @al-halt I think it is a chert nodule. Some have concentric rings like petrified wood. The outside texture and lack of any other detail is what makes me think this.

    • those are some quite wild views on prehistory. There were no giants around in the Mesozoic though, with the only mammals being small rodentlike creatures. large mammals appeared much later, after there were no dinosaurs. The dinosaurs did not die simultaneously either. stegosaurus for example, died out completely around 75 million (75 000 000) years before the first T rex and triceratops. there were probably some 5000 or more different species of dinosaur scattered over the 170 million year old period that they were around for, with maybe a couple hundred types existing at a time before new species replaced them or hunted them.

    • *meant to say “scattered over the 170 million year LONG period”

    • you say there is evidence of previous volcanic eruptions in your area, but no volcano? remember volcanoes have lifespans just like a living creature. they’re born at one point, last a while, then they stop erupting forever and die out. there was most likely a volcano near you some time ago that now faded away. maybe it still exists as a covered mountain, or it may have been flattened down

    • you could post some of your dinosaur heads you keep mentioning. We can sort out which ones are from modern animals and see which might be something ancient

    • This is a very isolated event. This is my theory. They all died at same time, so did everything else. And it is well preserved on top of 3 mountain tops covered by hundreds of caves where the entrances are all obstructed with reptilian like animals big and small and they where like they where stacked on top of each other eating one another. All are petrified forests. Men of renowned. The first nephelim giants. The serpent satan’s blood line. Half brother of Lucifer. The one who walked to and fro! Not the one bounded in chains. The Lord said he made the watchers watch while there offspring killed each other! Before the flood before the earth was decided. Yeah I know I’m crazy.Got proof wanna help?

    • Divided by desiderata

    • Divided not decided

    • Maybe a little crazy…. but seriously though, there is no problem if you have your own beliefs on the history of earth. everyone is entitled to their own thoughts. ut makes no difference in the end anyway.

    • Cool thanks. I do have a couple almost done. I can send you what I got this evening. And some pictures also. I’m in process of freeing up a couple months time. Got three and five year old and I’m an artist out of Eureka Springs.

    • I’ll give you something tonight