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    Alex Buchanan has contributed specimen mFeM 66439 to myFOSSIL!

    • Hi @Alex-Buchanan! I’m looking for resources that might help us narrow down the ID. Do you know how old this is? can help! Also, for the eMuseum, we can only accept individual fossils, not multiples. Can you edit the photos so they’re of only a single specimen? Thanks, Sam

    • Thanks Samantha! I don’t have the exact location on a map, but I think I’ve found it on macrostat – Ludlow to Lochovian (427.4 to 410.8 Ma) fossiliferous shale, mudstone, siltstone, black shale, limestone, quartz-lithium sandstone.

    • There are quite a few incomplete and not completely exposed fossils. I don’t have one with face, back, and tail available to help identification. Would it help if it’s just a single rock (even if there are

    • Even if there are multiple fossils in that one rock?

      • Hi, if there are multiple specimens in a rock measure and photograph each one separately if you can. You can digitally add a circle around which specimen you are referring to in the gallery to make it clear. This enables paleontologists studying the specimens to decipher which one the entry is referring to.