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    Look like some eggs, about 1 to 1.5mm size, in a fossil full of trilobites and Rugose corals and other bits and pieces? the rock / area it came from dates about 410 million years ago #fossil

    • That’s cool

    • Hey @alex-buchanan! Looks like you have an assemblage of different sections of trilobite anatomy or the external molds of crinoids.

      • According to Rockd, looks like you are collecting in the Yass Formation which is from the Upper Silurian Period and between Wenlock and Ludlow Ages. Hattons Corner Group is also a possibility.

    • Ah! Thank you! You just helped identify some other fossils I found I the area (crinoid stalks / columns, I believe). I’ll post separately

    • And does that mean the “eggs” may actually be crinoid poo? From Wikipedia: “Faecal matter is formed into large, mucous-cemented pellets which fall onto the tegmen and thence the substrate”

    • Or more likely to be the calyx of a crinoid? Thanks for your help!