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    Allison Heiss has contributed specimen mFeM 71182 to myFOSSIL!

    • Hi there, @allison-heiss, cool find! If this specimen was found at the Ashfall site in Nebraska, it looks like the fossils there are middle-late Miocene in age. @smoran might be able to help you with ID! Uploading photos of this find from mulitple angles and with a numbered scale for reference can also help with identification.

    • Hi @allison-heiss, this is a great specimen! Like @mackenzie-ross-2 said, more information (such as where this was found and what the geology is in the area) and photos would be super helpful in figuring out more about this specimen. That said, it is certainly a horse ectocuneiform (one of the ankle bones), but the genus and species is hard to determine without any geologic context.