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    Found 3 fossils today but don’t know what are they? They all look alike for me. Please help. Thank you! #fossil

    • Amy Wu the fossils you posted are productid brachiopods. If you can learn the age of the rocks you will be able to narrow down what kind of productid it is. Also try to learned what kind of brachiopods are common for the location of the rock. Some only show up in narrow time span.

    • @david-powers Thank you so much!

    • Hi, @amy-wu-2! is a great way to learn what formations are under your feet and what formations your fossils came from; for the eMuseum, we require specimen entries to only one individual fossil. If you want to update this to be an eMuseum specimen, we can work together, or if you were just looking for IDs, OR if you want to upload these again individually, let me know, and I can remove this from the eMuseum. Thanks, Sam

    • @samantha-ocon Thank you for the useful link. I’m just looking for identifications, please remove it from eMuseum