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    Andrew Gelinas has contributed specimen mFeM 126178 to myFOSSIL!

    • Hello Andrew! This is an awesome fossil, we’d love to add it to our research database. If you have the time, you have to complete a few steps to get it there. This is an alligator tooth, not sure we can confidently ascribe it to the modern species (though I think it’s likely) so to err on the side of caution let’s keep it to genus Alligator. You can use the taxon wizard to fill in the higher taxonomy. Good job with the location, you can add the county as DeSoto. For geochronology, let’s put Mesozoic era as it could be Miocene onwards (though in all likelihood it is Pleistocene). For Lithiostratigraphy, normally you can use Rockd (an app and website) to figure it out but in this case if you could just put in your field notes “Unconsolidated peace river sediments” assuming that is from where it comes. Let me know if I can be of any help, and thank you so much!

    • Thanks Mason! I’ll make sure to update the info ASAP. Really appreciate all the info. Have a great night!

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