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    • If this is from Florida it’s probably an alligator tooth because the mosasaur is from North Africa and Northern America

    • I agree. Although it looks very similar to my mosasaur tooth

    • Alligator! Hi neighbor, I am right up the road from you (St.Pete.) I found one almost identical in the Peace about 3 weeks ago, near Bowling Green. Happy hunting!

    • Awesome! About 20 years ago my dad and I started going to the peace River to sift for fossils and that’s when we found this. I actually live full time in a 35 foot motor coach now with my wife and 4 kids. I’m hoping to take them all fossil hunting when we head down to FL next month.

    • NO mosasaurs or dinosaurs in Florida, Alligator mississippiensis

    • i said it looks like my mosasaur tooth lol, didnt say that it was one

    • So definitely a mosasaur tooth then, Awesome!