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    • Hi, @angela-b – were you looking for a more detailed identification of your fish? Where did you find it ? We could help narrow down age. I think you can at least update the classification to include Kingdom Animalia, Phylum Chordata

    • @jbauer yes, I am curious if anyone can figure out what species it is.

    • Let me see if I can tag in some experts. I’m not sure we have any fish specific folks but maybe we can tag in others that may recognize it!
      cc @jeanette-pirlo @mackenzie-smith @vperez

    • Hi @angela-b. This is likely Knightia eocaena from the Green River Formation (Eocene about 50 million years old), Wyoming. It’s an extinct herring. The color and texture of the marl (type of rock the fish is in) matches that of the Green River Formation and these fossils are commonly sold. However, there are also a few places in China that have similar rocks with fish. Knightia eocaena is the most common fish fossil from this formation. The height of this fish is in line with other Knightia eocaena specimens and looks too short for Knightia alta. I don’t specialize in fish so when I look at fish fossils I need the head. However, looking at a few other common Green River fish it does appear that Knightias have the slender ribs and vertebrae. The rest of the taxonomy would be Class: Actinopterygii, Order: Culpeiformes, Family: Culpeidae and Genus: Knightia. @jbauer

    • @mackenzie-smith I looked up images online of it and it looks pretty close, sorry about the poor quality fossil, I bought it for $1 at a fossil and gem show.