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    Ann Embury has contributed specimen mFeM 99388 to myFOSSIL!

    • That looks weird

    • For sure! Hi Aiden, Now, you know it alls out there, maybe you can politely and kindly offer suggestions?

    • By the way, it is NOT a human made artifact.

    • It’s a rock I’m a kid

    • Hi Cami 🙂. I’m a kid at heart.

    • rock, calcareous in appearance, seems to have some brachiopod and/or plant stem specimens in there too. post better pictures if you want any more help. not that it will be provided to you, since you so far have a consistent record of reacting negatively to other’s expert answers with regards to your queries. why ask in the first place, if you and l both know that “fossil” is the only thing you’ll accept as an answer, regardless of what an object is? you certainly seem to know more about paleontology than everyone else, so you have no reason to be here unless you consider being slightly more polite in this peaceful community. thank you.

    • ^^ it’s about awesome artifact, but the wording of your post turned me off..

    • It’s an**