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    Antony Avrithis has contributed specimen mFeM 78272 to myFOSSIL!

    • Hi @antony-avrithis! This is exciting if you found a Pleistocene palm! This may be it’s first macro record from the Pleistocene.There are older ones but it’s good to have the whole span of time to see if there were any changes. I’m wondering though if it might be a scallop? If it’s possible to remove the sediment on the lower part (left side of the picture) that might be something to do. If it is palm, you should be able to see the hastula (where the petiole meets the blade of the leaf). Phylum is Magnoliophyta, class is Magnoliopsis, order is Arecales. Genus Chamaerops and specific epithet humilis.

    • Οk , no it’s a palm but I can’t clean it more , its volcanic deposits

    • Just wanted to follow up on this @antony-avrithis and @mackenzie-smith. Do you have any associated geologic data with this? That may help us to narrow down whether it is a pectinid or a palm. Thanks!

    • That’s a palm there is a research on it , if you google it you will see. 😉