August Helmke

August Helmke



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August Helmke

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3. What are your affiliations (are you part of club or society; do you work at a museum, college or university)?

I have affiliations with Paleontologists at the Raymond Alf Museum in Southern California.

4. Briefly describe your interest(s) in using myFOSSIL.

I am interested in the evolution, biomechanics, and phylogeny of multiple Campanian through Maastrichtian Archosaurs and the evolution of Sequoias throughout the Southwestern United States.

5. Which of the following best describes how you learned about myFOSSIL?

By participating in an event that was sponsored by the FOSSIL project (e.g., mini- conference, paleoblitz, etc.)

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Paleoart and Research

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9. Are you currently or have you ever been a professional paleontologist?
10. Are you or have you ever been a member or consider yourself affiliated with a group of people who collect fossils (i.e. a fossil club or society)?
11. Do you or have you ever collected fossils as a hobby?
12. For how many years have you been involved with fossils and paleontology?
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I check social media, but I don't post a lot of things.

17. myFOSSIL is based upon the concept of Social Paleontology. In your own words, what does this idea mean to you? Please be descriptive.

Social Paleontology means to further spread information for research and illustrations to further help Paleoartists and Paleontologists alike to find out more about prehistoric organisms.

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Affiliations and Relevant Organizations

I have affiliations with Paleontologists at the Raymond Alf Museum in Southern California.

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