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    avy grey has contributed specimen mFeM 94967 to myFOSSIL!

    • location and picture of other side.

    • I don’t take orders! You have not shown any evidence you know your rock from your roll. Treating new to the Science individuals, like crap is an old trick of gem world my friend. I am not naïve nor your punk. Have respect or bounce!

    • Whenever anyone tries to help you out, you say that they’re being disrespectful. So according to your own rules, no one should help you. And no one will help you if you keep treating people who try to help like that.

    • Stoking your ego doesn’t help me!! I’m a Gemologist. You better bring more then it’s a “rock to the table!!

    • excuse me, but this isn’t a geology app. if your profession is aimed at rocks rather than fossils, then you’re welcome to leave us in peace and go find a different platform dedicated to geology.