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    • How would you recommend removing limestone that surrounds a fossil?

    • nobody is being an egotistical megalomaniac. do not take such offense if someone identifies one of your specimens as a rock only. finding real fossils is nowhere near as easy as you might think, and only one in several hundred thousand rocks will turn out to be a fossil. this, for example, l will have to say is just a pseudofossil (although more, clearer pictures will help out a lot for a clearer diagnosis). but don’t take that as an offence, as you keep insisting on doing so. it’s only a simple diagnosis based on empirical evidence provided. not some sort of attack aimed at your fossil finding abilities.

    • Nice shell, a location would help in identifying the age

    • Every secondary supporting matrix mineral has to be removed different. Here in southern New Mexico it is more of a calcite matrix then limestone, but I would use a. Diluted vinegar solution to start. Then a nylon brush. You want to start with a gentle removal process then go to a most aggressive solution, identifying the matrix it the most important equation.