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    Hi Lab folks–I am on a really interesting PhD committee in UF’s dept of engineering.

    Shashank Ranjan–who needs user study participants as follows–

    “We are looking for participants for a user study to test novel software for multispectral analysis and visualization of paleontological specimens. Our software can automatically identify the composition of fossils, reveal and enhance invisible features in fossilized bone and even reconstruct the original appearance of prehistoric specimens. Participants of the study can use the software and request customizations for their research. If you are interested to know more, Dr MacFadden said he would invite me soon to one of your lab meetings.”

    So please let either Bruce or Shashank (below) if you are interested. I sincerely encourage you to reach out to him.

     [email protected]

    [email protected] Dr. Toler-Franklin is Shanshank’s major professor and a Museum faculty affiliate.